Welcome to All Paws Transport Services!

Here at All Paws Transport Service, our primary goal is to provide a safe, quality, affordable transportation service to get your rescue dogs safely from the south to their new beginnings in the northeast. Having been involved in rescue and volunteer transport for many years, we recognize and sympathize with both the emotional and financial challenges rescues deal with on a day to day bases.

When you entrust your charges to us, rest assured they will meet with the same love and care they are accustomed to, and will be made as comfortable as possible for the short time they are with us. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations, and make the transition for your dogs to their new families as easy as possible.

We are first and foremost a family operation, and the few outside employees we have are like family to us. Our current routes begin in the southeast and end in the northeast in Maine.

Finally, a healthy, sanitary environment is paramount. Gloves and disinfectant are always used when cleaning up after the dogs. Cross-contamination is always a risk when you have a large number off animals in a confined space, so we do everything in our power to minimize the chance of any undetected issue being passed from one dog to another.

We check in on the dogs every time we stop for fuel…usually every 3 hours or so. They are walked and exercised, depending on each individual dog’s travel time, every 8 hours or so. We are always watching for signs of undue stress, and have many combined years of animal care to help us recognize early warning signs of most issues that could possibly arise. In short, we are more than just a ride from point A to point B. Our hearts have and always will be in rescue, and we take great pride and satisfaction in knowing we are an integral part of helping these previously unwanted pets find their happily ever afters.